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Air Purification Systems for Commercial Kitchens
Air Purification For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust
Multitude of features & improvements driven by decades of experience
Quiet-Aire is your single-source solution provider for custom air handling systems. We follow an integrated approach to address the design, engineering, manufacturing and support of air handling systems in the most demanding environments. You can count on Quiet-Aire to always be focused on innovative engineering, superior performance, ease of installation and unparalleled equipment reliability. We provide you with the air handling solutions you need through:
Customer-focused planning services for the successful performance, adaptability, and maintenance of your unit.

Fully customized, high quality systems for central station, make-up, recirculation, rooftop, desiccant dehumidification, high pressure, heat recovery and penthouse applications.

System Design
Using the latest design technology for optimal unit performance including 3D design, structured FEA and CFD.

Field supervision, start-up, and training.

Design engineering, field installation, testing and maintenance.
Construction Features
Quiet-Aire provides enhanced unit construction as a standard to better withstand more rigorous equipment demands. Our higher integrity casing system promotes reduced leakage for more efficient unit performance.
Our units are constructed with the following base features:
  • Double wall construction
  • Double sealed wall panel joints
  • G90 galvanized corrosion resistant exterior
  • 3lb.density non-wicking insulation
  • Designed & built for serviceability…electrical & mechanical
  • Four pass heat exchanger induced draft fan with refractory plug - built to last
  • Service enclosure option with 110V plugs, lighting & heat
Component Features
Quiet-Aire utilizes industrial components to provide longer more reliable product life. Premium efficiency componentry promotes reduced operating costs.
Maintenance Features
In the real world nothing is 100% reliable; therefore provision must be made to provide an efficient method to deal with issues when they happen, without disturbing service to the space. Quiet-Aire's equipment is designed for ease of component maintenance and replacement.
Design & Functionality Features
Quiet-Aire's equipment is designed exactly to meet your needs. Our equipment design and layout is fine tuned to meet your requirements and ensure optimum, reliable performance.
We will manufacture a system specific to your needs in any of the following markets:

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