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Air Purification Systems for Commercial Kitchens
Air Purification For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust
 APU vs. ESP
High efficiency filtration of commercial kitchen exhaust is dominated by two technologies: dry media filtration and electrostatic precipitation. The Quiet-Aire Ecology Unit uses simple 3 stage filtration to provide consistent exhaust cleaning down to 0.3 micron with 95% efficiency. It really is as simple as that.

Electrostatic precipitation applies some clever science and 10,000V to coax grease particles to deposit themselves onto metal plates. Sounds good, but let's dig a little deeper.
Q. What amount of energy is used to electrically charge the grease?

Lots. Energy consumption is a major operational cost.

Q. What happens when the plates get covered in grease?

Grease is released into the ducts and environment.

Q. Is cleaning the plates costly?
A. Yes. The degreaser used is expensive. Hot water and waste disposal are required. Daily cleaning is a major operational cost.
Q. Are there additional costs during installation?
A. Heated water supply, grease traps and drainage all add to the total cost.

The chart provided shows the 3 year operational costs of both systems. Clearly, the Quiet-Aire air purification system is the most economic system to install and operate. Make it your choice!

3 Year Costs: Quiet-Aire APU vs. Electrostatic Precipitator

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