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Air Purification Systems for Commercial Kitchens
Air Purification For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust
Air Purification Units - Commercial Kitchen, Grease and Odor Removal
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The Ecology APU offered by Quiet-Aire® Sales Inc. utilizes a three-stage filter system and is available in a variety of configurations to meet engineering design requirements for the elimination of grease particulate, smoke and odor from the kitchen exhaust air stream. Integrated or stand alone modules are available for the blower, filter and odor control functions of the system. Installation can be in the ceiling space above the kitchen exhaust hood, or in a remote location such as a mechanical room, or on the roof. The Ecology APU provides the food service operator an economical solution to problems, which in the past may have prevented the installation of a commercial kitchen. Our units are available in models to cover any CFM range between 1,100 and 40,000. All Quiet-Aire® Ecology APU models are ETL or ETL C Listed and meet all requirements of NFPA 96, the local authority having jurisdiction and national building codes.

Ruggedly constructed, yet uncomplicated in design, the Quiet-Aire® Ecology APU is an essential piece of equipment that will complete your cooking operation.

  • Fan section complete with a heavy duty backward inclined dual inlet airfoil fan and a TEFC motor capable of handling up to 4.5" W.C. ESP
  • Filter section with 3 step filtration process resulting in MERV 16, ASHRAE 52.2, UL Class 2 air quality discharge air from kitchen grease and smoke laden exhaust
  • Air pressure monitoring components to notify user when filters need replacement and to ensure final stage of filtration is installed and operating under proper conditions
  • UL listed fireproof filter construction capable of containing volatile grease fires while protecting vital fan and motor components complete with firestat set to 200°F for fire alarm at status panel
  • Remote mounted 304 stainless steel status panel capable of offering basic exhaust controls or tie in with automated kitchen or building management systems
  • Optional odour control system
    • Specially formulated atomized liquid capable of safely and effectively eliminating odour molecules in the exhaust air; liquid is made of natural ingredients, non- toxic, biodegradable, water soluble and environmentally safe
    • Media filtration trays of a 50/50 blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate that absorb odour molecules as airstream flows through the media

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